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UK vs Europe – The Energy Showdown

Given all the discussion in the media with regards to energy prices in the UK.  SO where do our European neighbours come in terms of expense?  Well, someone has kindly put together an infographic detailing just that; it shows where the UK ranks in terms of cost for energy usage against the rest of Europe.
The UK actually ranks lower than the average in Europe and in terms of extracting GDP from energy consumption the UK is extremely effective at doing this.
Energy Showdown: UK vs Europe

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Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station is probably the most famous decommissioned power station in the world. Its upturned table design has featured in films and on LP covers, making it a real focal point of the landscape south of the River Thames. Just try and read anything on the subject of Battersea Power Station (including this here blog post) that doesn’t use the adjective “iconic”.

The BSP has sat unused now for nearly 30 years. For some reason I always thought it was going to get turned into a museum or art gallery, but it now looks like it’s going to become part of a new development which has been approved by the local authority, Wandsworth Council.

Since it’s a listed building, the power station thankfully can’t be demolished, and so has now been earmarked for this new multibillion pound redevelopment. The plans are pretty expansive, with talk of over 3,000 homes (presumably flats) being made there, with thousands of jobs created, and even its own tube station.

While there’s bound to be some opposition to the scheme, it can only be a good thing that such a potentially vibrant new community is now likely to thrive where once there was just a tourist photo opportunity.

More on the story at This Is Local London.

Energy news roundup

£70million tidal power scheme display at Anglesey. 7-turbine system would generate a fifth of the island’s electricity.

Eco makeover for your home – with 40% off. News on the ‘Green Deal’ – Guardian.

Green taxes to ‘triple’ says Telegraph. Oh dear…

Green prison: Where security meets ecology. Independent. Is this where they send you if you don’t recycle your glass and paper?

Oil industry plans better safety after spill. Sky. Not surprised TBH…