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Thorium potential

Thorium is an exciting new energy area. However, its far too complex for us to even attempt to explain in any great detail.

Its probably best  to leave it to the experts to explain with much more clarity the potential of Thorium to deliver our energy needs.

This TEDx talk is from Kirk Sorensen – an advocate of Thorium and author of the excellent blog ‘Energy from Thorium‘.

Enjoy the video – we welcome your thoughts on this interesting technology in the comments.

YouTube Preview Image

Inspiring new energy talks on TED

Im sure most of you are aware of  TED (Technology Entertainment Design) and the myriad of inspirational talks that are available to watch online. Incase you haven’t, TED invites leading thinkers to deliver talks that will ‘spread ideas’ on a variety of subjects. As you can imagine there are some truly great talks on energy, we thought that we would highlight a couple of our favourites.

Bill Gross talks about his new energy ideas

An exceptionally intelligent individual, Bill Gross has been interested in solar power since he was a teenager. Over the years this interest has developed and he has set up several companies, amongst them Idealab.

In this fast paced talk Bill talks a little about where his interest developed, what he is working on now (a revolutionary portable solar power system based on pedals which adjust their positioning to the sun – the pedals cost $1 each), and his thoughts on the future of energy – where he believes that ”we are so casual about energy” – and proceeds to criticise the number of lights on the stage he is presenting on! A great talk, well worth 20 minutes of your time.


The wind energy kits of Saul Griffith

A shorter but no less remarkable talk than Bill Gross – here, inventor Saul Griffith talks about (and demonstrates by video) his incredible giant kite system that could generate wind energy.



These are just two of our favourite talks on energy – there are a great deal more on the TED website. Let us know if you have a favourite!