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Questions to ask when switching gas and electricity supplier

Whilst your current energy supplier may be able to offer you the best deal possible, if you find that you must switch supplier there are a few questions that you should ask yourself before choosing your new tariff.

power switch

Switching on to another supplier?

What is my actual energy usage pattern?
Have a through look at your bills or energy meter if you have one – what is your energy usage? are you paying too much for what you use? Learning this is will help you to negotiate a new deal that will work more effectively for you.

Is there an energy tariff that is best for my needs?
Each gas and electricity company has a range of tariffs that can vary in price and type of service. For example,  it is almost always cheaper to choose an online tariff, paying by direct debit. However, as a result of government intervention there is a degree of tariff simplification occurring within the industry.

What is my bill payment method?
Most suppliers offer a range of payment options, the most common are; direct debit and quarterly but you can also get a pre-payment meter or pay weekly.

How is the company perceived by consumers?
There are many groups out there that regularly review the customer service of the big energy suppliers and interview customers. This means that they can supply accurate information regarding the level of service you can expect from each company. Which?, Consumer Focus and uSwitch are all excellent sources of information and help.

Hopefully these questions have given you an indication as how you can switch electricity and gas supplier and hopefully save yourself some money.

Energy Price Rise Increases Fixed Rate Tariff Popularity…

Yep, more bad news folks, yet another member of “the big six” energy companies has jumped on the price increase bandwagon. This time it’s British Gas raising prices, and by as much as 24% in some areas. Now with their previous history people must be aware, that the rest of the energy pack wont be far behind when it comes to bumping up their prices.

So with people now wondering, are the days of cheap gas and electric a thing of the past. We thought it would be rather prudent of us, to give some information on what is looking more and more like the smart choice. We’re talking about fixed rate tariffs, and you’ll need to be quick as it doesn’t look like they’ll be around on their current terms for long.

Fixed rate energy tariffs are essentially a long term contract (usually around 2 years) whereby the energy supplier, promises to keep the cost of your gas or electricity constant for the length of the contract. The benefit is that your prices stay the same even if the prices across market shoot up. However the flip side is, that if prices drop yours will stay the same.

That being said, its essential to do your sums as you will usually have to pay a slightly higher rate on a fixed tariff. In short you’re gambling that prices will rise above what you pay just now.

So if you’re worried about the rising cost of your energy bills, pretty confident about more increases in the coming year and have done your homework then a fixed rate tariff could be just the thing to save you some money.

>>energy update>>

Scotland’s energy sector continues to show itself to be an integral part of the economy, according to an interesting report in The Times’ Scottish edition last week. The report states that a  Strategic Energy Plan devised by Scottish Energy in 2004 aimed to maintain Scottish employment in the energy sector at a figure of roughly 100,000, with a sales growth rising to £5 billion by 2010.


While this is interesting in itself, the report notes that the original targets now look to have been on the conservative (or even pessimistic) side – meaning that the sector is surely in good health – what with the international push for green energy and “the onset of fiscal austerity”.


While it’s good to know that the sector as a whole is doing well, it also pays to find a supplier that is right for your needs and one that has the right mix of reasonable prices and commitment to the environment.


By checking out the websites of energy suppliers, you can often get a lot of information on what’s available from each individual company. Make sure you shop around and find the right UK energy supplier.


It is an exciting time in the UK energy sector, and by buying intelligently we can help make a difference in our energy use and help the environment.


Lower Energy Bills…Or To Greedy?

Are We Spolied?

If there’s one thing everyone chasing it’s got to be lower electricity bills. Anyone you speak to wither it be your friends or family there’s a good chance they’ll moan about their energy bills at least one time over the week!

It seems to be a constant barricade of phone calls and letters from all these different energy company’s in the end up I actually get confused and forget what company I’m actually with! Then there’s the other side of the argument when you look to places like Africa and so on were actually very lucky of the big luxury’s like this we actually have.

What do you think? Is it us Brits are getting a bit greedy and expecting to much for a small price or are the bills really that high?

UK Gas and Electricity Bills Cut

This month has seen the latest round of energy price cuts from three of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers to the UK. The first of these companies to cut their bills was Scottish and Southern, who own Atlantic Gas and Electricity, Southern Electric, SWALEC and Scottish Hydro – they announced an average of 4% cut in domestic energy bills by the end of March.

British Gas then announced that it was cutting its prices by 7% –

…….. And today E.ON has cut its prices by 6% –

These cuts however, have not been met with universal approval and thanks very much from consumers. Many are critical that the savings that the companies are making from the drop in wholesale gas prices is not being passed onto consumers.

What are your opinions on the latest round of price cuts?

boiler scrappage – check the small print

When the government rolled out its scheme for Boiler Scrappage, we all thought: that’s a good idea. Then when the large companies followed suit, because they saw that it was a winner, we hardly considered it a bad thing.

Many of the power companies offered an extra £400 on top of the government’s £400,

But sometimes when they give with the right hand, they take with the left. I’ve been reading more and more stories in the press about dissatisfaction with some elements of these schemes.

When you dig a bit further though, it seems unfair to tar everyone with the same brush.

The problems seems that some of the companies’ are quoting very different prices for boilers than independent engineers have estimated the same boilers.

Not every company is playing this unfair game, so watch out when you’re looking to save yourself a couple of pennies this winter. Check around there are more than enough energy suppliers playing a fair game to stay clear of those that want to line their own pockets.

Energy Watcher Posts from The Archive

As we’ve just moved over here from WordPress we though that it would be a good idea to highlight some of the posts which summarise what Energy Watcher is all about for our new Friendster readers!

So, without further ado these are the ten most popular posts on Energy Watcher!

  1. BBC Electricity Generation calcualtor – Great tool from the Beeb which can help you measure your electricity usage.
  2. Oil and Gas to run out by 2015 – Alarming post on the depreciating reserves of Oil and Gas
  3. UK looks to Low Carbon economy – How the UK is trying to remould decades of dependency on fossill fuels
  4. UK charges up electric car trials – Post on a UK scheme testing out electric cars in an urban environment
  5. Go ahead for UK smart metering – Report on the long awaited introduction of smart metering for UK homes
  6. Green energy boom predicted – The benefits to the economy from Green Energy
  7. More pressure on UK energy suppliers – Details on regulatory attempts to tighten up the UK energy suppliers behaviour
  8. Scottish Government offers £10m wave energy prize – News on the Scottish Governments investment in the wave energy
  9. SSE tops energy survey – Scottish and Southern Energy rank highly in uSwitch survey
  10. Government reacts to rising energy costs – Moves by the UK goverment to try and protect consumers in the wake of rising gas and electricity costs.

Well, there you have it – the ten most popular posts on Energy Watcher before we moved over from WordPress. We hope it provides you with a little insight as to what we like to talk about. We will be back soon with some all new posts and debates!

More Pressure on UK Energy Suppliers

We came across this interesting BBC News article detailing Energy Secretary Ed Milliband‘s renewed call for the major energy companies to cut consumer energy bills. He has called for the recent drop in wholesale gas and electricity prices to be passed onto consumers. One major Electricity Supplier has already strongly hinted as possible price cuts in the new year, and we would predict that the others won’t be far behind.

We have been relativley encouraged by Mr Milibands first few months as energy secretary, he has displayed an understanding of how these big energy companies operate. The key for Mr Miliband in the short term must be to work closely with the ‘big six’ suppliers in order to get household energy bills under control.

“We have recently seen big falls in wholesale gas and electricity prices, but I understand that because energy companies tend to buy in advance they won’t be passed on immediately.

“But they must be passed on as soon as possible.”

We look forward with interest to the new year.

Electricity Provider Offers Fixed Prices on Green Energy

Electricity Provider Offers Fixed Prices on Green Energy

Energy provider, Southern Electric offers fixed prices and online discounts on green energy tariffs.

The current price rises in the uk energy market are leaving everyone wondering, how much will my energy costs be next month? Some of the UK’s largest energy providers announced this week that they will be putting there price up by a minimum of 19% from July 31st 2008. The latest price increase is due to a whole sale price increase of 80% in the energy market. One option to avoid these is to move your supplier, or tariff, and sign up for a fixed term fixed price energy solution.

The best way to try to try beat these, energy price hikes is to look for providers offering fixed price energy.

UK gas and electricity provider Southern Electric is one of the companies offering a fixed rate on energy packages in 2008. The price fixed packages are being offered across all their electrical packages including dual fuel and environmentally friendly energy packages. Southern Electric guarantee on their Price Fix 2008 tariff that their prices will not rise until November 2008 – no matter the market places circumstances. On top of the fixed rates, Southern Electric is offering some of the cheapest energy in the market place. Not only will your energy be fixed price you also have the choice to go green and help the environment at the same time as shaving money off of your energy bills.

You will also save more on your energy bill if you buy your energy online.

Energy Watcher

Hello and welcome to Energy Watcher.

We thought we should say what we’re planning on doing etc to give you an impression of what we can do for you.

I don’t know about you but I’m fed up with my energy production discussion and constantly annoyed by the lack of effective discussion about it. The discussion never discusses the core things I want information on:

  1. Where can I get cheaper energy (without someone trying to make a buck)
  2. What is the cost to the environment by changing supplier
  3. How can I make my house more energy efficent – without spending a fortune
  4. Where can I get upto the minute news that isn’t skewed towards specific energy providers

So thats what we hope to do. All thought comments and suggestions greatly appreciated (as long as they’re not spam or laden with affiliate links).