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Lower Energy Bills…Or To Greedy?

Are We Spolied?

If there’s one thing everyone chasing it’s got to be lower electricity bills. Anyone you speak to wither it be your friends or family there’s a good chance they’ll moan about their energy bills at least one time over the week!

It seems to be a constant barricade of phone calls and letters from all these different energy company’s in the end up I actually get confused and forget what company I’m actually with! Then there’s the other side of the argument when you look to places like Africa and so on were actually very lucky of the big luxury’s like this we actually have.

What do you think? Is it us Brits are getting a bit greedy and expecting to much for a small price or are the bills really that high?

Jobs Loss At Wind Farm Only The Start

Wind Farm Company In Cut Back Move

A company that specialises in making wind turbines and also repairing them has released news that they plan to pay off around one third of their workforce in dramatic money saving cut backs. Knight & Carver Wind Group Inc the company of matter is planning the pay offs at their pant in the eastern South Dakota town of Howard.

The plant has a total of 55 workers and plan to release 19 of their workers in attempt to save money through wages due to a downfall in the ordering of wind turbines. They have been based in Howard for around 3 years and the company have warned that more layoffs could happen if business doesn’t pick up anytime soon.

It seems to me as if no one is safe from the current recession and this shows that even in a business like this there are cut backs and money is being lost even though there seems to be wind farms popping up on every hill you see at the moment.

UK Gas and Electricity Bills Cut

This month has seen the latest round of energy price cuts from three of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers to the UK. The first of these companies to cut their bills was Scottish and Southern, who own Atlantic Gas and Electricity, Southern Electric, SWALEC and Scottish Hydro – they announced an average of 4% cut in domestic energy bills by the end of March.

British Gas then announced that it was cutting its prices by 7% –

…….. And today E.ON has cut its prices by 6% –

These cuts however, have not been met with universal approval and thanks very much from consumers. Many are critical that the savings that the companies are making from the drop in wholesale gas prices is not being passed onto consumers.

What are your opinions on the latest round of price cuts?

Energy Watcher Posts from The Archive

As we’ve just moved over here from WordPress we though that it would be a good idea to highlight some of the posts which summarise what Energy Watcher is all about for our new Friendster readers!

So, without further ado these are the ten most popular posts on Energy Watcher!

  1. BBC Electricity Generation calcualtor – Great tool from the Beeb which can help you measure your electricity usage.
  2. Oil and Gas to run out by 2015 – Alarming post on the depreciating reserves of Oil and Gas
  3. UK looks to Low Carbon economy – How the UK is trying to remould decades of dependency on fossill fuels
  4. UK charges up electric car trials – Post on a UK scheme testing out electric cars in an urban environment
  5. Go ahead for UK smart metering – Report on the long awaited introduction of smart metering for UK homes
  6. Green energy boom predicted – The benefits to the economy from Green Energy
  7. More pressure on UK energy suppliers – Details on regulatory attempts to tighten up the UK energy suppliers behaviour
  8. Scottish Government offers £10m wave energy prize – News on the Scottish Governments investment in the wave energy
  9. SSE tops energy survey – Scottish and Southern Energy rank highly in uSwitch survey
  10. Government reacts to rising energy costs – Moves by the UK goverment to try and protect consumers in the wake of rising gas and electricity costs.

Well, there you have it – the ten most popular posts on Energy Watcher before we moved over from WordPress. We hope it provides you with a little insight as to what we like to talk about. We will be back soon with some all new posts and debates!

Chaos As Brazil Loses Power

Around midnight last night GMT, Brazil lost power to two of its major cities. The outage was caused by a fault at the Itaipu hydro-electric dam which provides the country with 20% of its electricity. It has been speculated that the loss of 17,000 megawatts of power could have been caused by a storm. Extra Police has to be drafted onto the streets to cope as the outage affected essential services such as underground transport, street lights, lifts and electric gates.

For more on this still developing story see the BBC News article.

Brazil Energy Crisis

Wake up, listen and absorb – an open letter to UK Energy Producers

I’ve just been hacking through my daily Google alerts digest and found Norwich Union Website Article suggesting that in 4 years the UK could suffer from energy shortages!

I find it a nightmarish probability that the UK, one of the worlds richest countries is still not in a position to generate enough energy for its needs. We have high energy prices – getting higher all the time – and still we lag behind the world. We need a solution fast to ensure that we can continue to compete in the global economy – and without energy we’re going to be stuffed.

Hopefully the UK will wake up and start understanding that we need to go out and generate more environmentally friendly energy – as its going to be renewable : did you hear that UK government renewable, we’re never going to run out of it.