Carbon offsetting in the hotel industry

With so much exposure in the media surrounding meeting targets for climate change, the need for businesses to focus on the measures they are taking to meet their targets is greater than ever.

One way that a number of businesses are approaching this is by introducing carbon offsetting procedures. The process of carbon offsetting involves a targeted reduction in carbon dioxide to mitigate for emissions made in other areas.

This hotel and hospitality industry is one of the major business areas who are committed to offsetting the effects of greenhouse emissions, usually via their corporate social responsibility programmes.

The QHotels group is a great example of a major chain that is committed to making a difference through any conferences, meetings and events that are held throughout their 21 UK wide hotels.

Conferences held in hotels can have a significant impact on the environment just through practices which we might usually take for granted, such as using the air conditioning or the use of electronic equipment such as projectors and computers.

QHotels are trying to address this by offering any businesses that hold events at their locations the opportunity to make a small contribution per delegate which will then be put towards carbon offsetting. The contributions per delegate for business events are currently:

  • 14p per Day Delegate
  • 40p per 24 hour Delegate

QHotels have collaborated with carbon management company Carbon Clear to ensure that the money which comes from the carbon offsetting scheme is being utilised within the projects which impact the environment positively.

The project that QHotels contributes to is the Kibale National Park Reforestation project in Uganda. This project is aiming to grow over 6,000 hectares of trees to compensate for the heavy deforestation and degradation of the land in the area.

The project in Kibale National Park will aim to hold greenhouse gases within naturally existing forest carbon sinks and increase tree cover, which will also mean less greenhouse gases escape into the atmosphere.

QHotels have made the process of participating in their carbon offsetting scheme really simple. If you make an enquiry about holding business events with QHotels, you tick the box on the online form stating that you’d link to take part. Q will then issue you with a proposal for your event which will highlight the total contribution you will make.

The scheme highlights the positive impact that businesses can make toward the future of the environment and allows your company to minimise the impact that your practices may be having at the moment.

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